SINET4 Features

  SINET4 inherits SINET3's hybrid optical and architecture, achieving higher network speed, greater reliability, and more stable provision of services.
  Adopting dark fiber and WDM technology, the access lines are faster, for more flexible and economical performance.

SINET4 structure


Higher speed achieved economically by dark fiber and WDM technology

2. Provision of diverse services

SINET4 inherits all of SINET3ʼs services, with services such as resource-on-demand strengthened and expanded.


3. Higher edge node stability

SINET4 positions both edge nodes and core nodes in data centers, improving the reliability of the network including its availability, maintainability, and security.

[Criteria for data center selection] (Abstract)
- There is no interruption to power supply due to planned outages.
- In the case of an outage, power can be supplied from emergency power supply system for at least ten hours in a row.
- It is capable of enduring an earthquake equivalent in intensity to the Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake.
- Access securely controlled 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Shift of edge nodes (From node universities to data centers)


4. Establishment of an environment for high-speed access lines  

By undertaking shared procurement of access lines, a faster access system has been created for member institutions other than those on site  (SINET3 node universities).
In addition, installment of nodes is scheduled to be completed within FY2011 in all prefectures in Japan.

5. Upper layer deployment

Installation of interfaces and service-providing platforms to support the upper layer is being considered.