SINET4  backbone

SINET4 positions all nodes in earthquake-resistant data centers (42 edge node and 8 core nodes) and connects them with high-speed duplexed lines of a maximum of 40 Gbps. It also has redundant routes between core nodes along with reroute functions for all transfer layer services. This design for high-availability worked effectively even for the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011.

SINET4 is an integrated network providing multiple layer services.
● Layer 1: bandwidth-on-demand (BoD)
● Layer 2: ethernet connectivity
● Layer 3: IP connectivity with IPv4/IPv6


International Circuits

SINET4 is also connected to research networks such as Internet2 in the U.S. and GEANT2 in Europe and TEIN3 to facilitate the international dissemination of research information and to promote collaboration with research networks overseas. 

● US-JP line: Tokyo - Los Angeles (10Gbps),  Tokyo - New York (10Gbps)
● SG-JP line: Tokyo - Singapore (2.4Gbps)